My New Year’s Resolution

Not everyone makes New Year’s resolutions or if they do, by now have they kept them?  My perennial favorite is always to lose weight.  One of these days I am really going to get serious about this and quit praying for a tape worm!  But this year my New Year’s resolution was to finally get more tech friendly.  I don’t want to do just the basic things I wanted to become a whiz.  For Christmas I received an iPad and an iPhone.  I must say it is pretty embarrassing to call your 10 year old Grandson to find out what I did or what I shouldn’t have done and then I have to tell him to talk slow because it is “Mimi” he is talking to.  He has helped a lot but unlike me, he has always had a computer available and I did not grow up with one.  Now that is my story and I am sticking to it!!  One of the other things Jake has taught me is some of his favorite games.  He said not only will this iPad make my life easier but I will have more fun.  I guess at my age they don’t know that we can have fun!!  I caught on fast to some of the games and he was right it has made my life easier, but the fun part I am not sure about that.  He has got me addicted to “tap tap, skip bo, and free flow” games to start with. The problem is while I am supposed to be having fun my blood pressure is up, my nerves are shot, and I am not sleeping well because I know that tablet is over on my desk just waiting to be turned on!  I say “just one game” and when I say that, I really mean it but one turns into two and two turns into seven (just like chips).  I say “just put it down and step away from it, I am bigger than you are!” Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn’t but I am getting into this new technology.  Next I am thinking are motorized window coverings next? No one in my neighborhood has them and my high windows would benefit from them.  It is time to replace some of those window coverings anyway and I was thinking about Silhouette or Pirouette’s with PowerRise with Platinum Technology.  I would love to explain to the neighbors and my friends just how easy the remote works as I raise and lower and open and close the window coverings.  Who would have guessed I love this technology?  You don’t need to be a tech whiz or on the geek squad to own these wonderful coverings with the remote control (and this is fun!!!).   So as my Grandson Jake says, this will make your life easier and you will have fun!!

One Response to “My New Year’s Resolution”

  1. carcollins Says:

    Wow Sally! Glad to hear you got an iPad. I have had mine for a couple of years and use it constantly. And, yes, the powered shades from Hunter Douglas are the only way to go. And, with the Hunter Douglas Platinum App loaded on your iPad you can program your powered shades to operate virtually on their own to the schedule that best suits your needs. Oh what fun technology is!

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