Quirky Seating

It might be odd, but I have a quirky idea that might work for you.

Quirky seating

Quirky seating

I have always loved putting an odd chair in every room. What I mean by odd is: a chair that does not match the existing decor of the room. It could be an antique chair introduced into a traditional setting; it brings in some history. I might add a contemporary chair into a transitional room; it becomes a conversation piece. I might also add a colorful unique chair to a rather beige room, thus spicing the place up. You could even try putting an animal print chair in a floral room to add a whimsical touch.

Any type of chair could work, so long as it’s different. It could even be a plain chair with an interesting cover or upholstery. It will become the unexpected and, thus, a conversation starter.

Get out of the matchy matchy and have some fun!

One Response to “Quirky Seating”

  1. SunnyM Says:

    I am looking for a small vanity chair for my master bath but have not found anything. The only ones I can find look ultra modern like Beauty Shop Equipment but I want something different and unique and hopefully will swivel. I need comfort and one with a back but does not have to have arms

    I .agree with the chair discussion Sally mentioned and I like it. I too mix and match my furniture. I don’t believe the traditional matched sets for each room are very popular anymore nor attractive. I have a coral/salmon ultra suede sofa and love seat in my great room and a yellow leather Back Support with foot stool lounge chair that my husbands uses. I have dark round cocktail table with a rug that has yellow, green, gold, and red. and it blends nicely in the willow green den. Even though the red is not the color of the sofa. But, they all blend. The floors are hardwood and I just have a rug that fits the center of the room that the table is on. I also have two end tables with black iron and rust color shades and it all seems to blend well. But we live on a small lake and the back of the room double doors and windows that are all white, so I like the mixture of warm and cool colors.

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