I was a Late Bloomer

I was a late bloomer.

That sounds like a confession in a 12 step program meeting; for me, it is very true.

I was one of the youngest children in my high school class. I got through high school, then waited to go to college, simply because I wasn’t ready. I didn’t start dating as early as most of my friends and- sad to say- I had no style. I had no reference or education about design, partially because our home featured a beige, monochromatic color scheme and was very simple. My idea of home design, at the time, was adding rose bud contact paper onto my dresser. I laugh now thinking about that white background with little itsy bitsy roses on the paper. That was style?!

I was in my 20’s when I started to develop socially and mentally.  I watched how others dressed and started to pay more attention to my own fashion. The same was true of my home. I started to read decorating magazines and books (it is something I still do today while sitting at airports and on airplanes) and would tear out pictures of things I like to possibly emulate (with my own twist) later on.


HunterDouglas.com Photo Gallery

I might have been a late bloomer, but you don’t have to be.  I am learning more about home design every day and I am, finally, very comfortable with my style.  I now enjoy helping others to find their decor style. There is so much more information and inspiration available – on design magazines, on websites (like Pinterest.com or HunterDouglas.com), and more. All of them are available to help you to gain some design self confidence. Need more assistance? Try the “Ask Sally and Jen” feature of HunterDouglas.com, I hear the people answering your questions are excellent!

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