No Regrets: Be Bold with Design Choices

Have you ever settled for something then regret it later, wishing you had gone bolder?

Maybe you were debating about buying a fashion-forward fuchsia colored handbag and ended up buying the black, utilitarian handbag (even though you already had several black ones in your closet).

Perhaps you were smitten by the picture of a red dining room you saw in a magazine, but chickened out at the paint store and bought beige instead.

Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters

Maybe you really wanted Shutters, but you settled for a basic shade because you thought it was “too much.”

Well, I say NO more design regrets, go for it! Isn’t it time we do something we really want instead of settling for something more conservative or expected?

In my new home my living room had a nice, basic fireplace. Nice and basic are good, but I wanted WOW. On the side of my living room that has the fireplace, the wall rises up two stories with an open loft on the opposite side. I knew I wanted a mirror above the fireplace and had several mirrors to choose from that were in my last home. One mirror was smaller, but had some great detail to it- the other was HUGE and had a wide silver and golden colored frame around it.  I first thought the bigger one might be “over the top,” but I decided to go for it anyway. It took five men to get it above the fireplace and mount it where I wanted it, but I LOVE it! I also wanted to add some scones off to the sides of the mirror. I knew that because of the size of the mirror I would need large sconces to be in order to be in proportion to the mirror and space. I searched high and low until I found the right sconces; they are long, lean and perfect! Now, everyone who walks in says: WOW! And comments on how gorgeous it is and/ or how they wished they could do something like that.

My question is: Why not?

I really, really love the scones and mirror and am glad I didn’t settle for less! So, I say, it’s time to go bold!


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