Decorate More than Your Tree…

Several weeks ago I heard the familiar commercials start about school supplies and school clothing. Last week I went into a craft store and Halloween decorations were everywhere, pumpkins and gourds, jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows, ghosts and goblins were all there. Now, even before Halloween has started, I have started to see Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday decorating items make their way into stores and various advertisements; I have already received catalogs that have Christmas decorations in them! It seems a bit early to start thinking about the holidays already! It’s still Summer!

Hunter Douglas Child Safe Window Coverings – Duette® and honeycomb shades with Duolite

I moved into a new home in January, which means I will have a new home to decorate for the holiday season. I have already started to think about how I am going to decorate for the holiday season and I have made a big decision:  This year it will be different.  This year I will be decorating more than just the tree for Christmas; this season I will spend the money I would have for new Christmas decorations and instead will use it for window coverings in my guest room. My guests can appreciate them throughout the year and I will love having my guest room finished! I won’t even miss those decorations that are out for about a month, then packed up and put away for the other 11 months.

I have just started to think about my guest room window: I need a window covering that provides privacy and also helps to darken the room. I also need to think about child safety and make sure that my window coverings keep my young visitors safe! Hunter Douglas has so many options that meet all my needs, I may have a hard time choosing!

With the holidays not far behind the start of school and Halloween, I am glad I have started thinking about my “holiday decorating.” Soon, I will be filling that guest room with family and friends and they, in turn, will be filling my house with love, laughter, and fun. After all is said and done, I don’t think I’ll miss my traditional holiday decorations at all!


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