Going for the Gold

The Olympics are over and I miss them terribly!  I wonder what I am going to do with all my time now that it is over.  I know I am still suffering from Olympic withdrawal; for two solid weeks I was glued to the television set watching every heat, match, and race that my schedule would allow. I will have to admit to being an Olympic junkie. I had read all the magazines and gone online to find out all I could about my favorite athletes.  I am proud to be an Olympic supporter.  I would cheer on the US Olympians like they were my family.  It has had an effect on me!

First I am sleep deprived, staying up late to watch events that I am only interested in watching every 4 years, but at the time they seem so important.  Second, I have found myself doing things as a result of watching the Olympics.  My bed is a tall  and I now wish I had a pole to pole vault into it. When I hop out of bed, I also think about sticking my landing and I even raise my arms over my head like an Olympian.  Then, when I get out of the bathtub I am aware that my movements are much more precise and I find I am pointing my toes (note: I do not have an Ester Williams cap or nose plug).  When the neighbor’s ball came into my yard I realized I threw it back to him like I was Hope Solo defending a goal.  I also march around the house like I am getting ready to mount the balance beam.

I know that I am not the only one who is affected by the Olympics.  At the local pool a young man in a swimming cap, nose clips and ear plugs soaked me while flailing around trying to do the butterfly stroke.  To be honest I think his butterfly was still more of a caterpillar in the cocoon, but in his mind he probably thought he looked like Michael Phelps going for a new world record.  Who knows, maybe with lots of practice and a few years you will see him in a national event!

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® window shadings with LiteRise®

I love the team spirit and the individual’s competitive efforts to be the best they can be.  It is with the best products that help them to go for the gold.  Think about the special swim suits and the beautifully made gymnast’s outfits and the technically advanced bikes just to name a few.  It is with that competitive spirit that I look for the best products for my home, including window coverings. Why settle for a bronze when I can go for the gold with Hunter Douglas window coverings?  Did you know that this year, 2012, Hunter Douglas won “Product of the Year” from the Window Coverings Manufacturers Association (WCMA) with the introduction of Silhouette® with LiteRise®? It’s like the gold medal in window fashions!

At my age I will never be an Olympic athlete but I go for the gold every time I open my window coverings!

One Response to “Going for the Gold”

  1. Window Concepts Says:

    Too funny! But I love your analogy to being the best.

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