Be a “Good Sport” with Your Child’s Room Décor

If you have a child I am sure you have asked yourself: “how can I decorate their bedroom on a budget in a style they can live with without it being too ‘cutsey’?”

If your child is in to sports I have some suggestions for you to “run” with (sorry about that pun!):

  • If your child is a runner or into cross country or track, use a long peg board hung up high on the wall.  Tie shoe laces together and hang shoes on rack with a label to which race they were running in.  Hang any ribbons they might have won next to the shoes.
  • If your young one is into biking, hang a bike tire over the bed and use chip clips or clothes pins to clip stories, metals, or photo’s to the spokes of the wheels.
  • If you have a ping pong player in your family, hang paddles in groupings to create patterns (and therefore, art work). You could also glue ping pong balls around an inexpensive mirror.
  • If your child loves tennis, use a net as a valance over any Hunter Douglas product!  Tennis rackets also make great art for the walls so don’t forget those too.
  • If their sport is golf, use woods or irons to hang side panels of draperies over a wood blind.  You could also use old woods or irons as architectural elements over a grouping of photos or art work or have golf balls drilled to use as drawer pulls for the dresser.  A putting green flag combined with green felt hung on the wall would resemble a golfing green and add that drama!
  • If they are football fans, open up one end on two footballs and insert large diameter wood pole for draperies; the footballs become the finials!
  • If dribbling a basketball is their forte, hang a basketball hoop above a dirty clothes basket to make a “slam-dunk” for cleaning their room.
  • If baseball is their passion, hang pennants over the headboard or multiple pennants as a border around the room.  Use a peg board to hang their favorite baseball hats on.  To display baseballs, use clear cubes and a baseball bat on a shelf.
  • If your child seems to live in the water and loved watching the Olympics, line up several kick boards and use them as a headboard.  These kick boards can also be used as bulletin boards. You can also add their medals to a drapery rod either at the end of the panels or hang between panels as if it was a valance.  Don’t forget to hang up goggles too!
  • If they love to sail, try hanging an old sail from the ceiling over a bed as a canopy. It’s a dramatic statement!
  •  If canoeing or kayaking is their sport, paint oars in their favorite colors and hand them on the wall. You can also add hooks on them to hang medals.
  • If they are a surfer; a surf board makes a wonderful piece of artwork! Palm Beach™ Polysatin Shutters can also help bring the beach feel into the beadroom.
  • For multi-sport loving children, hang a shelf over a window to hold trophies (this especially looks great over a wood blind).  You could also stitch favorite sports t-shirts or sweatshirts together to create a soft blanket or a pillow sham. To create a sweatshirt sized pillow, close off all openings to a sweatshirt and stuff it! These are wonderful to hug and will become a true keepsake.

Vignette® Tiered™ Modern Roman Shades with LiteRise® cordless operation

Whatever your child’s sports theme, make sure your window covering is child safe.  Here are a couple of suggestions available on multiple Hunter Douglas products:

– The Hunter Douglas UltraGlide® operating system has a single retractable cord, which means there are never any long, dangling cords.

– The LiteRise® cordless system takes safety to a new level; simple push up your window coverings to raise them and pull down to lower; no cords means no chance of your child getting tangled.

For a few dollars more you will have some peace of mind.  Aren’t your children worth it?!  If your Hunter Douglas dealer doesn’t suggest it, make sure you ask them about child safety!  Too many children get hurt or die from double cords.  You can make a difference one window at a time!


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  1. Window Concepts Says:

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

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