Read all about it! Fashion to Home Décor

I sit on an airplane for hours and hours each week; luckily I love to read.  Sometimes I read magazines on design or fashion and sometimes the latest spy thriller, whatever fills in the time!  I am always looking for interesting design or the latest fashion trends in the publications I purchase.

I recently bought a fashion magazine which entertained me for hours with over the top fashion from the latest catwalks.  Both the editorial articles and advertisements in the magazine were unbelievable. The colors were scrumptious in hues of coral, tangerine, fuchsia, and the best seller- black.  Surprisingly, these colors are also popular for the home.

We in the design industry always follow fashion, knowing that many times if we are comfortable wearing a color, we will be comfortable living with that color in our home. Many times we just use these trendy colors in accessories, but they can be lovely paint colors too.  Many consumers are more comfortable with more neutral colors for the major purchases and choose to use these more saturated colors in pillows, floral arrangements and accessories.  That’s fine! White and off-white window coverings are still the best sellers, just don’t forget to add some additional color to your room!

What color should you add?  It doesn’t matter if its trendy, classic, or fun- that is up to you!  The point is to make sure you are comfortable with it. You might even browse the fashion magazines to see what colors might inspire you and what you might want to try adding next…

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    I reallywill be returning a lot more regularly. Many thanks ,Janine

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