Pare Down

For some people less is more. After my recent move I have realized that I am not one of them.  I like my “stuff;” the mementos from my travels, odd ball trinkets, books, or my collections of silver serving pieces and crystal stemware.  For me, “stuff” is some of the things I love, for others it’s clutter. Still, as I unpack boxes I have to ask myself those big questions “do I love it, do I need it, when was the last time I used it and where is it going?” If I can’t remember when I last used it, I probably don’t need it; it can go to a garage sale, consignment shop, or a charity.  If I want to keep it, I have to ask myself, “does it have a home and is it something I want to artfully display?”

Spring cleaning is a good time to reuse, rethink, or repurpose things.  Pare down, if you must, or just redo a grouping or two. Paring down can be useful with your “stuff” and also with the design of your room. Paring down the furniture in your room might be useful…  Can you walk through easily? What doesn’t need to be there and what pieces might hinder a good flow.  Safety is also a consideration here.

Hunter Douglas Skyline® Gliding Window Panels and Designer Roller Shades

It is easy to pare down at the window too.  First think of the function of the window and how much privacy you need, then think about a window covering that gives you both.  Think about a single layer treatment.  No need to add a valance or side drapery;  If the look you are going for is clean, simple, and pared down, try Hunter Douglas Skyline® Gliding Window Panels, or Designer Roller Shades.

Do you need to organize, display, or pare down? Now is the time to start; you will feel so much better once it’s done!


One Response to “Pare Down”

  1. mar Says:

    i would like to see skylite treatments.

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