Never a Dull Moment… My Townhouse Update

As I mentioned previously, I recently bought a townhouse. I finally started to move into a new house right around the New Year this January. My house, like many new houses, required a little personalization and work previous to move in day. I had the house painted in some great colors, trending this season, and had to order a shower door for the master bath and have it installed (the master bath had a beautiful tiled double shower, but no door!).

Move-in day came and we worked hard. Tom and Jen (my son-in-law and daughter) helped me with the move. Finally, at 11:30pm we were done and I needed a shower!  I was excited to take my first shower in the beautiful master shower, complete with the new door. I got the water to the perfect temperature and started to shampoo my hair when I hear footsteps running up the stairway. Whoever it was were running fast!  Then I heard Jen yell “MOM TURN OFF THE SHOWER, IT IS LEAKING DOWNSTAIRS!!!”

Unbeknownst to me the shower hadn’t been caulked or graded properly; it was leaking down into the basement bedroom where Tom and Jen were sleeping! A fast moving Tom shoved the mattress aside and put buckets down to contain the leaks, preventing a bigger disaster.

After the leak and clean-up, the shower had to be redone. The floor and walls of my beautiful shower had to be torn out! Since then, I have ordered some tiles that I can’t wait to get installed; I am hopeful the shower will be even more beautiful than it originally was.

In the end, no one was hurt and we all had a good laugh out of this one. Jokes about the “water bed” ensued. I know projects or moves don’t always go smooth and things happen! I prefer to meet them with humor! Life will go on…

Stay tuned for more townhouse fun and remodeling projects in the future!


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