Sheer Magic

In January, as mentioned in my last post, I attend two major shows in Europe: Heimtextil in Frankfurt, Germany and Maison & Object in Paris, France. After having time to reflect on the shows, I have another trend I would like to share with you…

Pirouette® Window Shading

While at these shows I noticed, what I will call, the transparence or “sheer” trend.  This trend was relevant in not only fabrics for the home but also in the fashion world!

I saw beautiful sheers for the window- like the Hunter Douglas products: Silhouette®, Pirouette®, and Luminette® Privacy Sheers- fashioned from beautiful transparent sheer fabrics.  I love this look!  It teases you with what might be behind it and, when you think about it, these products have a plus to them:  not only do they give you this beautiful sheer look, but they can also give you privacy!  I personally love how the light radiates through a Pirouette Window Shade, it throws beautiful light and shadow into a room.

As far as fashion goes, European companies like Prada and Dior have shown spring clothing lines featuring sheer fabrics, adding pieces and details like a sheer skirts with liners or just simple add-on sheer hemlines. Louis Vuitton has a new handbag that, yes, you guessed it, is transparent with their logo on it (I’m not sure I want everyone to see what is in my handbag, it’s not pretty, but it would make my trips through security easier!). I also expect to see blouses- and other products- that are also transparent; sheers in housewares also seems to be on the rise.

I am now seeing housewares, like plastic glasses and dishware, and other products that are also transparent, but not crystal-clear make their way into retail stores. There are beautiful colored transparent items now on the shelves. I was surprised to see lighting with transparent lamp shades that show off the bare light bulb, providing more light in a room.

I do have to say I love this trend! It’s sheer magic!


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