Technicolor Jeans

As I read the fashion magazines, I see a new trend in jeans. You can’t call them “blue jeans” anymore because they are now available in every color of the spectrum. There is fuchsia, canary, bright red, violet, cobalt, turquoise, and chartreuse green. They say the blue jeans are “old standbys;” they are comfortable and expected, but are not fashion forward. As one article said: if you don’t own at least one pair of colored jeans you are in a fashion slump! I like some of the new colored jeans and I do have to admit they catch my eye.

Blue and colored jeans make me think about window coverings: what is our blue jeans? I relate blue jeans to white or cream window coverings. They are our best sellers because they are neutral, can be casual or elegant, and can look fresh and exciting. But, like the new colored jeans there are new fashionable colors and some super prints that might catch your eye at the window too! Could your room need some pizzazz, fun, or maybe some drama? Then check out the colors and prints available in many of our Hunter Douglas Window Fashions products; it might be just the new look you have been wanting.

As for me I am off to try on some of the technicolor jeans!


One Response to “Technicolor Jeans”

  1. Qmotion Shades Says:

    Great article Sally, I like how you related blue jeans to the old standby colors of window treatments. I am writing an article now about European window fashions and how extreme their colors seem to us. It should be up soon, check it out.

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