Well… I did it! I bought a townhouse!

I am a new home owner. I say that proudly because I just purchased a lovely townhome on a golf course. Not that I golf, but the golf course and pond make a beautiful backyard. The townhouse is an end unit with great windows. There are three bay windows in my townhouse alone; it has good bones. The previous owner was a pilot for a major airline and the townhome was built in the 70’s. I tell you these facts because I want you to know why I am renovating…

You could tell that it was a male previously inhabiting the townhouse because the testosterone wafted through each room. Each level was painted in just one color and it was a masculine neutral. There was no soft, feminine, foo-fooy thing anywhere (even all the toilet seats were left up). The random carpets in the house were very tired looking and other items were in need of being refreshed. Needless to say, I have some great plans for making it “ME”.

I will be sharing my ideas and choices as well as the trials and tribulations of remodeling as I redo the old spaces to make this house my home. I can’t wait and I promise there will be some surprises along the way. Stay tuned…


3 Responses to “Well… I did it! I bought a townhouse!”

  1. Maureen Kocsis Says:

    Living with all men I thought the comment about the toilet seat was funny…..Love ya Sally

  2. Pam Says:

    What kind of “professional” person writes this in a blog? Who cares if the toilet seats were left up?

  3. carcollins Says:

    Sally, can’t wait to hear about and see your ideas for your new condo. I know they will be wonderful! Happy New Year in your new home. Carol

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