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The week of February 21st I did two charity events that both supported charities that provided safe havens for women and children. The first event was Tuesday, Feb. 22nd, in Fargo, ND and the second was Thursday, Feb. 23rdin Sarasota, FL . In February these two places seemed like worlds apart. One very cold and snowy and the other was warm and sunny. You can guess which one was cold. The stores themselves were so different too. Fargo’s Sheel’s Hardware store was so unique with it being a Hardware store, home furnishings, accessories, housewares, a clothing boutique, and even having a café. The other was Blinds Unlimited, a beautiful little gem of a gallery. Full of ideas, small and precious. This contrast was obvious to me but both were connected by their concern and due to the charities they support. We learned from a representative from the YWCA how their programs support the shelter and trains and educates women to be able to stand on their own. We heard an emotional story that leaves me with goose bumps on how one woman’s journey on how she learned to be independent with help at first from the shelter had just recently inspired one woman to come forward to say “I have had enough abuse and I need help”. I don’t know how exactly how many women will benefit from our two events but it made my week knowing I could make a difference. This week in the “10 Steps to the Perfect Room” window coverings were a hot topic with many questions asked. We compared products and their benefits and colors and fabric ranges. We talked about UV rays protection and vane sizes. There was much interest in the Pirouette from both geographical areas. Pirouette is a versatile product that works great in all seasons and all weather climates!

In Fargo I urged the audience on how we all could further the cause by cleaning out our closets for clothing for the shelter since many women and children arrive with just the shirt on their back. Other items that we might have that are badly needed are sheets, towels, and toiletries. The list could go on and on but if you would just get involved by just donating you might make a difference for someone else. I would love to thank the Sheel’s staff for the great job they did planning and preparing the event. Julie, Brene, Jayne, and Adam, I applaude you all for your help. That night ended with a standing ovation for me and you almost made me cry. It is you all that deserve that ovation too!

Thank you Blinds Unlimited and Regina, Jane, and company, you were all so great to work with and congratulations on your new store. It is so very pretty!! We had fun this week, but many of us realized how lucky we are to have a good life. We know how to make a living and maybe now we want to make a difference!!!

I urge you all to get involved in charity work. It WILL make that difference not only for a stranger in need but also to ourselves. Don’t we all deserve a safe haven?!


One Response to “Make a Difference…”

  1. Kathy Okke Says:

    Hi Sally,
    Jayne and I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much fun we had visiting with you in Mexico. We would love to give the Design Studio the Pig quiz. Could you send us the details. We would appreciate it alot.
    Kathy Okke

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