$4,000 for the Assistance League Charities

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Over 220 women and men chuckled, snickered and laughed at my antics of as I delivered my signature seminar called “10 Steps to the Perfect Room”. The Charity event was sponsored by Johnston Paint and Decorating in Columbia Mo. The event was a fund raiser for The Assistance League Charities and it was one of my favorite seminars that I can ever remember. The audience was lively and packed in like sardines, but nobody seemed to notice. I kept hearing numbers that 100 would be there, then it was 125 then 150 etc… to a number of 225. We quit counting after that. Assistance League Charities has several programs and one of them is a resale shop that I visited that morning and helped the group with a purchase of a beautiful coat for my Granddaughter, Shelby. I was very impressed with all the programs that they have and I think that is the reason I was so on that night. Assistance League Charities is a national program and after working with the local chapter I am looking into volunteering for my local chapter. Elisabeth Benton was involved in the local chapter and I can see why she was so excited about the Charity event. If you want to volunteer check them out too. It feels so good to help others less fortunate than yourself.

I also have to thank Melissa Murphy from Johnston Paint and Decorating, Elisabeth Benton and Lisa Chapin from Hunter Douglas for all of their hard work getting everything ready for the event. All together almost $4,000 was raised to help the Charity, which will go a long way in helping children and families in the Columbia, Mo area.

That was also Homecoming weekend for Mizzou (University of Missouri) who went on to defeat number 1 ranked Oklahoma. You could say it was a good week in Columbia!!!!


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