Oh, to be a child

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Recently I had one busy weekend.  The plan was to drive down to my Daughter, Jennifer’s new home and see it and spend some “Mimi” time with my two grandchildren, Shelby (whom I call Cupcake) who is 11 and Jake (whom I call Peanut) who is 7.  Since I nicknamed them both I wonder if I am obsessed with food.  Also there is Tom, the best son-in-law I could ever ask for and Callie the dog.  It took about 5 hours long and my best friend Becky went with me to keep me company.  I don’t get to see her often so we caught each other up on any news and a little gossip just to keep it interesting.  We had a great road trip. 

At Jen’s we had a very tasty dinner and talked until we were almost asleep on the sofas.  The plan in the morning was to go visit some wonderful gift shops in the Alton/Godfrey, IL area.  After lunch I was going to be taking Cupcake and Peanut back to the Chicago area for some sun and fun and many Kodak moments. 

Becky and I shared some good laughs with my friend, Sherri Reddo who is a co-owner of the fabulous shop White Birch.  The other owner in this dynamic duo of diva’s is Stacy Keshner, Sherri’s daughter.  Another Mother-Daughter professional team like Jennifer and myself at “Ask Sally and Jen” on the Hunter Douglas website.

Becky and I played with the accessories as we checked out all of the things that were new.  It was hard deciding what I wanted to buy for Jennifer as a house warming gift.  I decided on some pictures what were gorgeous.  I also bought some things for myself that had called my name “Sally Sally”, as I walked by.  While I was there I also did some research for an upcoming article for the website called “Fall into the Season”.  I found olive-y greens, toasty browns, mellow gold’s, there were luscious textures everywhere I looked!  I tried combining accessories to combine unique looks.  I saw birds and frogs and other animals.  Is it any wonder why it is one of my favorite shops?!  Just look at the selection!  One reader at Ask Sally and Jen had asked me where I find inspiration.  It is places like this.  Well the fun had just started when leaving White Birch I made a wide swing of my car and accidentally bumped a low stacked stone landscape edging.  We went “Oh my Goodness” and I looked over and the edging was just fine.  I thought then that everything was ok but on the short drive back to Jen’s I heard some squeaks and groans.  I didn’t know if it was the car or me.  We arrive back to Jen’s to pack the car, with kids and luggage.  It was a sweltering hot and sticky day and as I walked around to the front of my car I found three fourths of my bumper sitting on Jen’s driveway.  I went from “oh my goodness” to “OH MY GOD” imagine my surprise!!!  How low had it been while I was driving it and more importantly what was I going to do about it?  I must say that Jen and Becky had a good laugh out of this!  It wasn’t the first time that those two have laughed at me and I know it won’t be the last.  I just didn’t find it funny the first three minutes of discovering my front bumper on Jen’s driveway.  I have had my car for years with no accidents with no dings or accidents but now it sits with the bumper on Jen’s driveway!  I picked the bumper up and it actually slipped back into place.  We pushed on it and stayed in place.  It was on but would it hold?  I didn’t want the bumper to fall off while driving north of route 55 and run it over.  I also had my two only grandchildren in the car and didn’t want to chance it.  So I followed Jen to a body shop, owned by Jennifer and Jim Hendrickson where he put some push pins in it and a major incident was averted and we were on our journey up north.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Jimmie that really could have ruined the trip!  We arrived at home with the bumper still on, thank goodness!!

During the days I had Shelby and Jake we packed the time with fun sight seeing.  We went to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, Navy Pier, The Shed Aquarium, we rode in a train, took a taxi (both were firsts for the kids) then rode in a boat.  We also went swimming at an aquatic park and we shopped and ate at Jake’s favorite restaurant and we added some new places to our favorite list.  What fun we had!  It was the kids last hurrah before school started.  I thought I would be tired, and I was, but meeting Tom and Jen part way I thought I would be ready to drop the kiddy’s and run but instead had a nice meal with the kids excitedly recounting their experiences and the fun they had.  I am not sure who had more fun them or me?!  Oh to be a child again.


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