My Fifteen minutes of Fame

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Living in Chicago I fly United Airlines the most.  Chicago is their hub and they fly to many of the cites and places I need to go.  Since joining United’s Frequent Flyer Program I have logged over 1 ½ million miles.  I also have many miles on several other airlines but United is the airline of my choice.  Last year United contacted me about a new series they were going to do and it is called
“In Transit, Who’s sitting next to you?”  It is on the last page of the United Hemispheres Magazine.  It was going to start in June and could I be available to be in it and be “Miss July”?   I said are you kidding me and Wow I could be the second in the series and the first woman.  Since I was available they told me to appear in Downtown Chicago for a photo shoot.  It was spring time and I took along Alana, a great friend to share the experience with me.  We arrived on time and met several gentleman and many pictures were taken in this outfit and that outfit.  I left as excited as I was when I arrived and then waited for the article to appear.  I am not sure who was more excited, me or my Mother.  When it did appear I saw a picture of me bent in an awkward position because I was laughing at the gentleman’s jokes and they were laughing at mine.  I don’t know of too many people who aren’t critical of their pictures, me included, but really this one is not one of my best! 

Now when I fly my first trip of every month I get on and I immediately check out the Hemispheres magazine to see who is going to get their 15 minutes of fame.  After all it is exciting to see yourself in print and this one is mine.


One Response to “My Fifteen minutes of Fame”

  1. Yvonne Batal Says:

    Hi Sally,
    As a 25 yr Flight Attendant w/ United Airlines i’m so happy u were selected! In addition to my career w/ UAL, I am a newly returning Priority Dealer Shop at home HD Distributor.. I’m just now back in this business after a sabbatical (3 kids)…My passion is design, and with my travel bene’s I’ve been able to see and follow trends all of the world.. I have the best of both worlds..
    Any how..I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!
    Congrats on this UAL article!
    Very Respectfully,
    Yvonne J. Batal

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