What is style?

When you travel as much as I do you play games, talk, read, work, and people watch.  I want to talk about people watching since it is one of my favorite things to do at an airport.  I must admit to checking out both women and men.  I check out not only what they are wearing, and in my mind I think “what would I do to improve their look?”  I often wished I had score cards to score these people.  I even go as far as thinking if they were to be in a magazine their faces would be blacked out.  You know what I am talking about and the article would be “What were they thinking?”.  I also try to imagine where they are going, what job they might hold, and if they are traveling for business or pleasure.  You used to be able to judge the business or pleasure question by looking at what they are wearing.  In today’s world of casual, those lines aren’t as definitive as they once were and we have taken casual and comfy to a whole new level and it is not pretty.  I am sitting on a plane right now and sitting next to me is a man wearing gray sweats, white socks with flip flops, should I also mention the blue plaid boxers that show since his sweats are a size or two too small and his baseball cap is on backwards?  I have always said that there should be a law as to the age of a man for him to wear his cap on backwards and this man is over the limit!!  Just think, maybe the fashion police will be there when I arrive in Chicago.  Is that style?  Well its his style.  I also look across the isle to a man in jeans, a crisp white shirt and a blazer but no tie.  His loafers are polished and his face is shaven.  You might call his style business casual.  I would not mind going to any restaurant with him (for more reasons than just his dress).  One man might say that I care about how people view me and the other man’s look said I just got up from bed.  Women do the same thing.  Two of the female flight attendants on my flight could have just popped out of bed and ran to the airport.  Their hair is just pulled back with no style, no makeup, or jewelry.  DOESN’T ANYONE CARE ANYMORE?  And why is the young lady seated in 4D wearing her flannel PJ bottoms, visible thongs, and a t-shirt?  It is 2:00 in the afternoon!  Why is she ready for bed?  It’s not that I am always dressed to the nines but when traveling and out I usually have some makeup on and my hair done.  The exception for me is the garden center and maybe the grocery store if it is early.  I have noticed though that when I am dressed down that I see everyone I know.  Helena Rubenstein once said that there are no ugly women only lazy women. 

When I see some people I often wonder what style their home might be.  Is it contemporary, casual, modern, traditional, or does it have a much lived in look or are they neat and tidy?  Even no style is a style.  I have asked people about their style with some great answers like:  late divorce, early garage sale, current Salvation Army.  I have even heard of my late Aunt Gertie’s style and even “you mean it should have a style”?  Do you have a style in your dress and in your home?  Does it look like you put some thought into the planning?  I have seen some people and wonder “did they dress in the dark”?  Do they own a full length mirror?  And I have thought “what were they thinking?”


2 Responses to “What is style?”

  1. Sally Says:

    Hi Carol, I guess that was his style, It just isn’t good style to us. Were they at least nice jammies? I have seen those flannel type jammie bottoms everywhere including on planes and in church. It just isn’t my style!! Thanks for the comment!

  2. carcollins Says:

    What about the guy whose bedroom I just installed? He came out in his PJ’s at 11:30 am. Glad I had an installer with me!

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